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Flexispy & IOS 16.x Jailbreaks


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The Dopamine jailbreak with will full root access to Iphones running 15.x-16.x has been out for months nowWhen will Flexispy support this? 

You just need to update your application now which should not be that hard.  We pay a lot for the licenses and need newer OS versions to run apps now.  

Your competitors already started supporting Dopamine on 15.x-16.x!!!   I like the Flexispy ecosystem and want to stay with this for the multiple phones we use but THIS NEEDS TO WORK as the older 14.x IOS versions can't run anything now so almost useless.  

I don't like it either and am an Android user myself but the world follows Apple and iPhone so this needs to be fixed YESTERDAY!



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Thanks for reaching out.

Dopamine jailbreak is rootless. This means it doesn't grant the required permissions for FlexiSPY or any other discreet monitoring software to work.

If you think you've seen competitors supporting newer iPhones, please let us know the competitors names as we'd be surprised and delighted to hear about this.

Finally If you’ve purchased a license for an incompatible iPhone, you can request a refund anytime. If you had been using the software and somehow the iPhone updated to an unsupported version, you could simply cancel your auto-renew subscription to avoid future charges from inside your account.


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