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Galaxy S 5


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Hi ,


i would like to address a big issue with the Galaxy S 5 running a Version 5.0 . Uploads are from 2% to 0% allthough connection is being established with the servers .

Before switching to the Galaxy S 5 i have asked via mail support to confirm they can support the device , they replied that its no problem and that i can proceed .

That was Aprl 7th !! Today April 24 i have 2% of Updates , even with the server problems and updates an a Galaxy S3 and S4 i have 60% to 70% updates and services .


Supports asks me everytime if the Target is connected in the Internet all the time ! Of Course it is ......having a 4G connection and WIFI most of the day .....and Full Rooted !!


I have done two fresh installations since April 7th with Zero Results so far only Call Bugging being working ! So one feature is working on my Yearly Extreme account for 3 weeks now !!


So they question is what to do now ?? Will be there a new update on the software or is just the Servers Problems ? Today April 24 is the day that Servers upgrades and maintanance will be Complete according to the Login Portal Notification .........Hope tomorrow April 25 all will be back to normal .


Best Regards

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25 th of April ...... Nothing is working for me on the Galaxy S5 since April 7th.

The notification that servers will be fixed and completed the upgrade on Friday 24th is still there of course .

Last ticket issued days ago ...no reply ... By the years of experienced technicians ...to tell me why a Galaxy S5 fully rooted isn't working after 3 weeks now ..... Although advertising and confirming that the software supports Galaxy S5 android up to version 5.01 is still on the web side !!!

If any member from support pays attention pls pm me to arrange my money back .

Warm Regards

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Hi Ian ,


Thank you for the reply , my tickets is 23 April , and i have no reply to a very detailed Ticket submitted . I have explained everything very clear , ans secret sms ect are not working. Am sure its an issue with the servers , or the current Flexispy version does not Fully Support Galaxy S5 and Android 5.0 + .

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Did you find a solution for your problem? I also have a Samsung s5, which I upgraded from premium to Extreme, but none of the extreme features working or would stay turned on after I turned it on. In other words, only the premimum features working after my upgrade to extreme.

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Good day ,


I have tickets open about those issues , and waiting for a reply , 3 days ago i had some updates on call logs , Ims , location , thats it , nothing else working .......no call recordings allthough i tried all possible recording sources in case that was the problem , no rem cam ,no ambient , no since 2-3 days its like frozen again !! In account page it says connected 36 min ago !! Send secrect sms to clear any pending commands and no reply since many hours ...........

I proposed in my ticket to downgrade to 4.4.2 Kitkat that was running smooth , but no reply from support regarding the correct steps to do it .  I tried on  my own and run into a problem with Odin Failing due a image.EXT4 error !

What annoys me the most is that support told me when i asked about the Galaxy S5 that the only problem would be the password cracker , nothing about Call Recordings , Ambient , Rem Cam  and ect !!

So now am stucked on what to do , i was hoping 30th April to have the servers fixed to check the target on servers running normal , now they extended the upgrade again for the 3 time to 8th April !!

Amazing .........just amazing

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Guest Ian

I apologise for the inconvenience caused Dragoon.


Please understand that it may no longer be possible to downgrade from Android L any longer.  Your error is caused due to a booloader incompatibility with the TARGET device and the firmware you are trying to flash.  If you can give me the device make, model, OS version, baseband and kernel I can try to find a stock ROM that may work when flashed so you can recover the TARGET device but there are no guarantees it will work.

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