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Seriously,this is ridiculious..

You guys give vauge updates or non at all..

at least have some consideration towards your paying customers.. maybe we would have a bit more patience and understanding of what's going on behind the scenes at Flexispy if you guys would be proactive and post updates along the way. who wants to feel like they are paying for something they can't use?!!!

it's basic customer service and it ensures customer retention. isn't that the point??

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Very disappointing the whole story...


For paying customers I think more specific information about the problem is necessary !


Is the time of flexispy over ?

What do you mean with "more traffic on your servers" ?

When do you think you solve the problem ?


and so on.


I think you know what I mean.


Don´t answer with a standard text.

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To everyone.


First of all, I apologise if anyone has tried to PM me, it seems many people have and my PM box filled up quick.


I understand that you are all frustrated, angry, annoyed etc. with the current situation of both server not functioning nor support reporting in a timely manner.  Whilst you are also probably tired of hearing maintenance is in effect as well and for that I apologise also.  The truth is that simply our server is overwhelmed with the sheer amount of requests from customers using the portal and the volume of data being uploaded.


As a result of that, for example, we have decide to upgrade our server once again with more RAM, faster CPU and a new set of hard drives with larger storage capacity.  However, as most IT professionals know the pain of upgrading means having to configure it all again which is why we are currently working on migrating data to the new server hard drives and that is why we still have the maintenance message posted on your log in page whilst we are doing this and it will take some time as there is an insanely vast amount of data currently being transferred.


This also means that currently any and all activities or actions involving accessing our server in some way, either the software on the TARGET device or your online portal will still probably not function optimally at this time either so expect issues.  Because of all of this, as you can guess, we have had a massive influx in support requests as well and that is why some requests just may not have got around to being answered yet because we are clearing the backlog currently. 

It is not as if we are not fully aware of everything that is currently going on and the issues you are all having nor are we ignoring any requests for help but seriously it is being worked on, it will be resolved soon but I, nor any support staff, has no concrete ETC to give you, we don't want to get your hopes up and say it will be 24 hours, 48 hours etc, when it may exceed that so please rest assured that we are working on this and all issues and as soon as the maintenance message is removed from your online portal everything is finished.


Until then, as long as you see that message in the log in portal, expect there to be issues when involving connections to the server in some way.

Once again I apologise to you all and thank you for your understanding. 


I know this message is not much but I hope it gives you an insight in to how the server and support issues are related and that we are working to resolve them.

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