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When will data start uploading to the server again?

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Well although the web portal still shows symtoms of trying hard to function as normal. I am able to logon to the web portal and I can receive data (with some delay) and this starting Monday afternoon I guess.


The information message is still shown on the logon page, so my guess is that they are still working to improve the situation, but I am still skeptical that we will face the same issue in the future, and this is becaue it's been months now the same story repeats again and again...

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To bo honest today it is even working better for me, no more delays in getting the updates and all is working like charm.


Maybe the team have done an intervention when you tried to logon. Actually I received a reply from the support stating: "We're in the process of increasing capacity of the server for better software performance."


So let's be optimistic :)

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Now there is noticable delay in getting the updates and the portal is slow and I am getting "Cannot connect to server" sometimes , maybe because of the activity that has increased during the day, and load on the server. Poor server...

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Last login is the time you last logged in to the portal.  Last connection time is when the software last connected to the server and last connected/last updated is also the last connection time just named slightly different.

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