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Block phone numbers?


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Dear Flexispy team,


I would really appreciate if it could be possible to block some phone numbers to force targeted phone to not receive Calls or Messages from certain numbers.


Currently only Android or iOS allow this... but targeted phone user can see that a number is locked. And can decide to unlock it.


Ideally, even if the phone OS says not block, Flexispy catch calls and sms and could consider them as blocked anyway.



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Very good idea, if the sotware can "hide" calls from the monitoring phone it should be possible to hide calls/sms from other specific numbers too i hope. In a way that the targeted phone can't see that the number is blocked and the calls/messages are not appearing in the phone logs. Useful feature.

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Thank you for the suggestion Harvey.  This has been forwarded to our product development team for analysis although I cannot guarantee the feature will be added.

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