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When will Flexispy support the latest Whatsapp version?

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Even with the release of the latest Flexispy version few days back, sadly it still doesn't support the latest whatsapp version. This has dragged on for 3 weeks now. Given one of the key features of Flexispy is to monitor IM, it's sad to note that it is taking flexispy so long to keep itself updated with the most used IM app in the world.


The phone is starting to lag as well this few days, I'm worried if it is due to the large amount of whatsapp messages waiting to be uploaded. I understand the technical aspect in this issue but 3 weeks (not sure how long it will dragged on) to resolve/update one of the key appeals of the software is certainly taking a toll on us users.



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We are aware of the need for capturing the latest IM versions but sadly, to ensure we capture images, pictures, stickers etc. and not just the standard text of a conversation over IM takes time.  Especially if the latest IM version has changed in some way and impacts our software from doing this.  We are however looking to release an updated version of our software shortly with support for the latest IM clients.

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Still quite disappointed, i was given the impression that as long as the software is installed, it will continue to capture IM messages and then processed once the new version of Flexispy is updated. 


Assuming IM clients updating their version 4 times a year (which is by the way a low-end estimation) and it takes Flexispy 3 weeks to resolve each time, it would means the software will not work for a minimum of 3 staggering months a year. Given the price tag and in comparison to other competitors, i would have expected much better from Flexispy.


Perhaps i could suggest Flexispy to incorporate the capability to retrieve IM messages stored in the phone after the update of software since this already can be done by some other competitors. 


Thank you.

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Thanks very much for the suggestion.  I will pass that on to our development team.  Other competitors only seem to capture text only mainly though when it comes to IM's which means they have a far quicker turnaround when it comes to supporting updated versions.

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Hi Ian,


Apparently whatsapp made some minor bug fixes and updated their version again two days back (such irony to our discussion above), would Flexispy update the compatibility much faster this time since it is just some minor bug fixes or its going to take a few weeks again? Would like to have an idea on this. Thanks.

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Unfortunately each time an update is released for an IM app, no matter how small, we have to perform full testing again because what may have been a small update for Whatsapp could have a big impact on our IM capturing so unfortunately testing takes time and I apologise for the delay.

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I realize the issue, and I know it takes awhile. What if there was also a capability for keylogger also. I know we would only get half the conversation. But that might hold us over until updates are released.

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