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2 questions befor buying


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first i want to know how i can track the phone if the Location Service on the phone is turned off.

Is it possible to activate the Location Service by remote and can the Software use the GSM cells?


Will i get any letters from Flexispy to my home adress?


Thanks in advance

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Hello Manno.


Everything about FlexiSPY is delivered to you digitally so that means nothing in the mail or anything like that.  If location services is turned off then GPS cannot obviously be captured until the device owner turns it back on again.  The software may be able to get a cell ID for you to look up to find the location but this is dependent on the device and carrier.

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Can I root a Android , (a new one) before registering the new phone, and what services would I not be able to use if i don't or cannot root the phone?. I am concerned as I am not "smart phone" savvy. A new phone has been bought but not switched over yet, so that is why I was wondering if it could be rooted before applying this application?. thank you.

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