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From the online portal control panel for emails I was previously able to view sender address and email msg body content. Starting two days ago it changed to display a Subject line but with that I can no longer see any of the msg body content for all emails and on some emails the Subject is Blank and/or email Sender is Unknown. Also there is a download button for attachments when I download the attached pictures files all I see is a red X in a square. Im just wondering if any others are having the same issue?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  Have you brought this up with our support team at http://support.flexispy.com?


Please do so and give them the make, model, OS version of your device and email client (e.g. Yahoo Mail) and browser used (e.g. Chrome) and its version number so we can look at this in more detail.

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As far as we are aware you are the first person to bring this up with us which is why I suggested contacting our support team with more information.  if it worked and then changed it suggests maybe an email client update on the TARGET device which is why submitting the diagnostic information was recommended so that we can try to reproduce the issue at our end.

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