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I already replied to this in a different section but let me elaborate.


Are you sure that the device has been rooted properly?  Usually rooting a device, as you have said, will disable system updates from being able to be downloaded as the device has been modified and so Samsung disable the updates.  It could have been a carrier update as I mentioned, but we would really love more information about the system update notification that appeared if you can get any more for us.

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You mention that you are using 'many of the rooted features from this program and another', are you saying that you have other smartphone monitoring software installed on the device at the same time as FlexiSPY?  If that is the case then this in itself may cause issues with our software (both software packages 'fighting' for the same thing) and we recommend removing the other program for best results with our software.


In terms of the System Update notification I think the confusion lies in whether 'System Update' was referring to our software or if it was referring to an update provided by the carrier.  It sounds like, from what you said, it was from the carrier themselves.  For taking the device back to the store, some devices, not all, can be fully unrooted so that the store would never know it had been rooted in the first place, but, as I said, this only applies to certain devices.  On most, after rooting, sometimes a factory reset removes the visible SuperSU icon but, if SuperSU is part of the ROM then it will just come back the next time the device boots up.


Our software can hide the SuperSU application and as long as they do not investigate the phone too much at the store you should be fine but, if they put the phone in Download mode for example, it will state that the device is running a 'custom' software or has been tampered with (wording depends on device manufacturer) and from that they would be able to tell the device has been rooted.

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To clarify I dont think this is a problem with flexispy. Its something to do with the phone, carrier and being rooted. I had no problems flashing the root rom and did previously have something else running on it but was removed before installing flexispy. Also flexispy did successfully install in full mode. I didnt mean to imply this was a problem with flexispy only that as far as I can tell its fully rooted and I thought these updates wouldnt take place.  


Since then I have returned it to its original stock rom, re-rooted and re-installed flexispy. Its still running long updates whenever the phone is restarted though. The notifications are general and Im not getting much info on what exactly its updating. Im just asking around if theres anything else I can do to disable this from occurring. 


She know's I was trying to fix the problem, so I told her I voided the warranty with re-installing it back to stock and isnt allowed to take it back to the store now... 

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What is the device in question?  A rooted Samsung device for example will not allow for software updates but certain HTC handsets when rooted will still allow for updates to be performed, even if the device is rooted.

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