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Depending on the device, if the device has been rooted successfully then in certain cases that device can no longer perform software updates (this is especially true of Samsung devices).  It may be that a carrier update is trying to be applied which is not the same as a software update.  You can try performing a remote uninstall (remember to deactivate first) just to be on the safe side if the device is taken to Sprint but, if the device has frozen, please be aware that the remote deactivation and uninstallation may not work if the phone is in this state.


It may be easiest to simply contact our support team and ask them to deactivate for you (this stops the software from connecting to our servers and DELETES ALL DATA IN YOUR ACCOUNT).  Once done, even if the device is taken to the store and reformatted, all you need to do is physically reinstall again using the same license code as  you did before.

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