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Please help - spy calls can be heard on target phone, call intercept not working

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I purchased the premium package just for these two features and I'm not able to use them. Both phones are Iphone 6 running 8.1.2. When I try to make a spy call, the target phone picks up and makes a noise like a phone call has been made, like air blowing. The target phone user immediately picks up the phone and wonders what's going on and starts saying hello. And yes I do have the mute turned on on the monitor phone. He can't hear me, he just hears a connection and ends up pushing a button and it hangs up. Please help.

Also, when I make an intercept call, the target phone gets a beep like there is an incoming call and then he is not connected to the other caller anymore, but connected to me and the other caller is on hold, but he thinks the call has been dropped. I am very confused.

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In terms of the intercept call please make sure that the TARGET phone network provider is GSM compatible with 3 way calling enabled on their plan otherwise call intercept cannot work because the TARGET device is already on a call and if they are only allowed two people in a call then, when you call to listen in, it will beep and may also switch to you (depends on how the network handles 3 way calls).


For the spycall issue please submit a diagnostic report to us by sending the remote SMS command in your portal for a diagnostic report (Help > Reference Manuals > Control Centre Commands) from your own phone to the TARGET phone.  When you get a reply back (it may be more than one SMS) submit that to http://support.flexispy.comfor further analysis.

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