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Login to portal?

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Please PM me and I can reset your login details for you to try again if you wish.  This is a one-time thing, in future please contact FlexiSPY support to reset your login details.

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Hello Marcous.


Have you submitted a support ticket to FlexiSPY support about this?  Please do so and include a software diagnostic report in the ticket so we can see the status of the software.  You can find how to submit a remote SMS command to the TARGET phone to get a diagnostic report inside your online account at Help > Reference Manuals > Control Centre Commands.


Please note that on some devices and configurations remote SMS commands will be fully visible, even if you type it correctly, so please bear that in mind before proceeding.

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I purchased flexi spy on 2-16-15. As of now I still haven't been able to login using provided user name and password. I have submitted 2 different support tickets with only one response saying it works on their end. I have been trying to login several times a day for the last 10 days. what am I doing wrong?

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Since today afternoon, have not been able to log in to the portal, it keeps saying my login details are incorrect, and I know for sure I am entering the same info I have been entering for the last month. I have tried logging through different sources (tablet, laptop, smartphone) and Im getting the same response, please help me out with this issue asap, as weekends are when we could get the most crucial info, however is when your software appears to give the most incoveniences.

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