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Unfortunately, once installed, the software can tell you it has been either activated or deactivated but it cannot tell you if it was removed (how could it?).  That means that it is sadly possible to see in your account dashboard that the software has been activated even if no data has been uploaded.  A good indicator of whether or not the software is still working is to look at the last connected time (in your Account tab).  A long delay in that (from today's date) can also mean possible software removal.


But that is why we have remote SMS commands which you can send via your own phone to the TARGET device or through Control Centre.  Sending these correctly, and not getting a reply back, along with a last connected time that is not up to date are all signs that the software either is not working or has been removed.


If remote SMS commands are not being replied to or are visible then, irrespective of other issues, reinstallation is always recommended.  If remote SMS commands are working fine then simply restarting the device may be all you need to get the software working again.  In any case, if possible, for issues of this nature it is always recommended to submit a software diagnostic report to our support team to analyse with help from our developers to be able get to the heart of the matter and assist you.

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If the device is an Android device running Android 4.4.x with the software running in NORMAL or LIMITED 1 mode then all remote SMS commands are visible regardless.  If the device is an Android running Android 4.4.x with the software running in FULL mode and remote SMS commands are visible (and you typed them correctly) then that would signify possible software removal as the software is no longer present to correctly identify the remote SMS commands, hide them on the TARGET device and act upon them.


For iPhone, the same applies in terms of if remote SMS commands are suddenly visible (and you typed them correctly).  If sending the same command over Control Centre that you would usually send via remote SMS commands also gets no response that would also suggest software reinstallation is needed.

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