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is anybody getting updates?

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Same here. I spoke with support and they sent a command to force an update yesterday morning. No update in the portal yet.

And as usual, it is very difficult to talk to someone in suppprt. The Target device has been turned off and on again and there is definitely Internet access.

I also have suspicion that data has been lost now as data has been lost once before. Included registered recorded calls in the portal but the files for those calls were gone.

At this time I cannot recommend this solution to someone until these problems and the lack of reasonable support have been resolved.

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Hello All.


Firstly, I apologise you are having issues.  Whilst contacting our support team is always the best method to get help on these issues there are a few tips you can try if data stops being uploaded.


1 - Send the remote SMS command titled 'Send Immediate' to force the data to be uploaded.  Using your own phone you send the remote SMS command to send data immediately to your online account from your phone to the TARGET device.  Providing you get a response back (proving the software is still installed and working) data should then be uploaded, if you get a reply back but no data uploads check the TARGET device internet connection.


Note: Sending SMS commands incorrectly, or correctly but the software is removed or to an Android device running OS 4.4.x with the software running in NORMAL mode (not rooted with full root access from the device and the software running in FULL mode) will result in SMS commands being VISIBLE so please be careful.

2 - If you send the remote SMS command to send data immediately but get no reply back then it may be that the software was removed either through a phone OS update or phone restore or, for Android, the software is running in NORMAL mode and was removed by the TARGET device owner in the Application Manager menu (rooting the phone first before installing our software to hopefully get the software running in FULL mode will resolve this) and that would require reinstallation again.

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Anyone haveing problem logging in? cant seem to login!




We are aware of this issue shamz and we are working to resolve it as quickly as we can and we apologise for the inconvenience.

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Since renewing my licence I have not received any updates for the past 4 days from the targets phone. I have submitted 3 tickets directly to suppport and haven't recieved any replies let alone assistance. I have tried everything and I know for certain the targets phone is all set correctly.


Targets phone


Jailbroken - YES

Updated IOS from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2 - NO

Factory reset - NO

GPRS settings - YES

Internet connection - YES

Software still active on Targets Phone - YES

Targets phone ON - YES

Bought SMS credits to force data to upload.....NOTHING at all complete waiste of money.


I have tried different software versions from different companies with great success and only joined up with FlexiSpy due to their feedbacks and reviews. I'm quite dissapointed....... as customers we pay alot of money for a service that fails us where I've paid alot less using other software and got more out of it. Please fix this problem for us customers as it isn't fair. Is flexispy prepared to re imburse their customers for the time lost or will you disregard this and keep telling us that the server is down. At least respond to your tickets as I haven't heard from no support and yet my priority is considered low........!!!!

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Have you sent the remote SMS command to send all data to the server?  What happened?  Was there a reply sent back to your own phone by the software?  Did you submit a diagnostic report to the FlexiSPY support team for further analysis with your issues?

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I asked it here: Issue concerning logging in to your online portal and data uploading - please read.

Started by FlexiSPY News, Yesterday, 02:35 AM


Please PM your latest ticket ID that you logged on our support site so I can review it and assist you.


They surtenly not prepared to reimburse their costumers....i have asked the same thing....no anser at all....or they just close or delete your ticket.:-(

Whilst i cannot speak for other members of the support team, and I know that closing a ticket upon replying is standard practice, can you PM me more information about your deleted ticket and the issue you are having so that I can look in to this further and assist you?

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