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chat....where is the chat?

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What is the make and model of the TARGET device?  If Android, did you root the device before installing FlexiSPY?  If so, when you installed did you see a message saying that the software is running in Full mode?  If not then it may be that you did not root the TARGET device before installing our software, or, if you did, for whatever reason, it cannot run in Full mode which means that many root only feautures, including Whatsapp capturing will not work.

You can read more about rooting at the link below.



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Can someone help me please... I need to get in touch with TS as I have some issues with my new purchase. I have a ticket issued with no response and am unable to locate the live chat (not there) some on please advise. Thanks.

How are you accessing our site to use Livechat?  What device are you using?  Please tell us what it is so we can help you get livechat working so that you can get assistance and resolve your issues.


The server is down sins 24-12-14, they dont respond at all...also they dont anser e-mails.....

I have replied to several of your posts about this and not being responded.  Please let me know your ticket ID in our support system so I can look in to this for you.

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Ian, you anser today on this topic...2 days ago flexispy anser Some of my tickets en did not anser on one....they cosed a ticket Without ansering.


I am trying my best to get answers to customer queries Irene.  Can you PM me your ticket ID or email address that you use for our support site so I can look in to this further for you please?

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