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Question about Flexispy's ability to track location


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I have used phone tracking software in the past but unfortunately they all suffered from the same problem. Namely, if the user disables Location Services then the tracking software can't do anything.

I was wondering if Flexispy was any different in this regard. Also I previously used an app on an android phone which did not require GPS to be enabled in order to track the user's location. The software was able to pinpoint location from the surrounding Wi-Fi networks. However if the user switched off location services then of course none of this worked. So my second question is: can Flexispy track a user just by using the Wi-Fi networks or does GPS need to be turned on?

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Hello Telstrareg.


Getting GPS accuracy is important for smartphone montioring software which is why our software also requires that the GPS option on the TARGET device is enabled if you wish to capture location tracking.

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