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Does Flexispy is Detectable in Avast , norton , kaspersky etc.,


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Hi, im intrested in your product, i would like to purchase Flexispy extreme version.

Deos the Flexispy Extreme version is detectable from Antivirus like Avast , norton , kaspersky etc.,


i red this ,

"FlexiSPY will only run in limited mode on Android OS versions 4.3 or above."


What is limited mode , do i have to downgrade the os version to below 4.3 to make it undetectable ?

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Hello Ashu.


Limited mode is when, due to the OS version on the Android phone (e.g. OS 4.3) FlexiSPY cannot get the permissions it needs fully for everything to work which means that certain features cannot function and yes, ideally downgrading the OS is preferred if you want all features to function but this is not as easy as it sounds.

If the TARGET device is rooted and you install FlexiSPY Extreme then, because it is running in root mode, no antivirus software can detect it.


For more on rooting, limited mode on Android and rooting assistance you may find the site below useful.


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