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remote commands

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  • 4 weeks later...

just tried the remote SMS commands for the first time. It showed up as a regular SMS on the target phone. Do you need to include the < and > symbols in the command? If so where are they on the cell phone keyboard?

Yes you need to include the brackets "<" ">" , Where they are depends on what phone you are sending from. Somewhere you will have an alt menu or alt keyboard with all the extra keys/symbols not on your standard t9 ot qwerty keys

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  • 4 months later...

I sent this code to turn off GPS on an android phone:


and got back this message:

[67 1.00.8][52] Error -301 Invalid command format

Then I sent it without the <D> but that doesn't seem to turn it off.

This format looks correct as you've typed it here. Make sure this is exactly how you send the command from your phone, and that there are no additional characters or blank spaces anywhere (including front or back of the command). If you still have a problem, sign up to log into our official Support Center at http://support.flexispy.com and choose to Submit A Ticket. Our techs are pretty good at helping out ;)

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