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RemVideo, RemCam, Ambient


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Since about three weeks when I send an order for RemVideo, RemCam, Ambient, 
it shows in troubleshooting: Not received in the customer Received Time column.
But generally after 25 minutes, the sent command works and Not Received disappears. 
Before these last three weeks RemVideo, RemCam, Ambient, worked automatically 
as soon as I sent the command.
Please help me to resolve this issue so that RemVideo, RemCam, Ambient, 
will work automatically as soon as I send the commands.

The target is Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. wifi and mobile data are very stable


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Hello Hamed,

Thank you for reaching out.

We understand that you are experiencing delays when sending the commands for RemVid, RemCam, Ambient Recordings.

We have also received your ticket #250370 for this issue.

As per further checking our system, we see that your commands are getting a mix of results when sending the commands.

We see that there are times that the commands are getting received right away without any delays. There are times that commands are getting received after 1m, 7m, 10m and so on. This is because of the connectivity of the target device.

As stated in your ticket, it will depend on the connectivity of the Target Device. A command can be sent from your Portal even if the Target Device is not connected, it will then be picked up as soon as the Target Device connects. Once the Target Device receives the command you sent it will attempt to start the recording it will then attempt to upload these captures as soon as it reconnects to the server. If the recording is already made and your Target Device is not connected to the server or if it is being used extensively then the upload will be delayed to the next time it is available.

Let us know if you need any other assistance.


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