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Hi just wondering about when I receive sms reports does it use a lot of data on the target iphone? And is there a way that I can filter the reports or monitoring to just one or two numbers so that I don't receive sms reports from multiple numbers? And lastly, Can I turn the service off and then back on when I want to without disabling it altogether? thanks

I just want to say that thanks to this software, I was able to confirm my hunches and I think and hope that I have saved our marriage.

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FlexiSPY itself, unlike our competitors uses minimal data usage on their phone after installation.  Furthermore you can use the advanced search feature from within your online dashboard to filter out the data that you require specifically.  As for email relay, at this time it is not available as it was in the old software but we are looking to reintroduce it with many new and exciting features very soon.  If you want to see how our competitors StealthGenie and Mspy stack up for data usage then please take a look below (and share with your friends too).



Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

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