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a few important questions I have


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most importantly: I am monitoring a cell phone out of the country. Once the user arrives overseas, they will change sim cards to a european sim. Will this service still work? Also, I will not be able to send text messages to the phone while on the european sim, so can I activate the target phones microphone via the online dashboard?

when user plugs phone into itunes and or upgrades the software, will the target phone no longer be jailbroken?

does the remote listening on the iphone 4s version use the speakerphone version of the microphone or the version of the microphone in use when the target phone is in handset mode?
what is the cheapest option I can purchase and still have the ability to do the environmental listening, because that is all that I want. 
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You will need our Extreme version as that is the only package we offer with spycall which you are requesting.


The software will still work if the TARGET phone SIM card is changed.  You can activate and disable spycall using your online dashboard if you cannot send SMS messages to the TARGET phone due to it being in another country.  Spycall uses the speakerphone of the iPhone and the feature requires the TARGET phone to not be in use in any way when you call to listen in to perform spycall otherwise it will not work.


If the TARGET phone is restored or upgraded in iTunes you will permanently lose the jailbreak, you cannot get it back and our software cannot be installed again until further notice (i.e. an iOS 7 jailbreak).


Please remember our software cannot be installed remotely and any updates we release to fix issues or add new features will always require the TARGET phone physically so that you can then deactivate, uninstall and reinstall to get the latest version.  Please bear this in mind as the TARGET phone will be in another country.

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