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UPDATE: FlexiSPY for iPhone Extreme, version 1.6.8

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FlexiSPY has released an important update to FlexiSPY for iPhone Extreme, version 1.6.8 (for iOS 5.x - 6.1.2 only), available now for customer download.

FlexiSPY for iPhone Extreme, version 1.6.8 introduces the following changes:

 - Instant Messengers
  • FlexiSPY Extreme has been updated to maintain compatibility with the latest version 2.11.3 of WhatsApp for iOS.
  • FlexiSPY Extreme has been updated to maintain compatibility with the latest version 3.8.2 of Line for iOS.


If the "Activator" 3rd party application is in use and connected to A/C power when a SpyCall is received, the incoming SpyCall will be rejected and a black screen (no identification) will appear on the Target phone for just a few seconds.

Incompatible with "UltraSn0w" unlocked devices, also specialized sim cards with unlocking "hacks". There are no issues with phones legitimately unlocked in firmware or from the provider.

Note on Jailbreaking

To install FlexiSPY you will need an iPhone that is already jailbroken. Jailbreaking is not the same as unlocking, and is generally a harmless process which allows you to install numerous 3rd party software not directly available via iTunes and the App Store. Various 3rd party utilities and tutorials are available for jailbreaking your iPhone if necessary, although we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by the use of 3rd party tools we do not directly support. We do however reccommend the evasi0n jailbreaking tool for iOS 6.0-6.1.2 at http://evasi0n.com/.

To install this version or to update from a previous version, please see below.


How to install this version:

All installations including reinstallations and software updates must be performed directly from the Target phone itself, and cannot be done remotely.

Note that it is not currently possible to download your existing logs. Following the steps below to Deactivate will clear all existing logs. It is not possible to reinstall the latest version of FlexiSPY on top of a previous version. To make sure you are running this latest version, you must first fully deactivate and uninstall your current version.

Assuming you have a previous version installed and already activated, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the Target phone in your hands and with Internet access available
  2. Send an SMS manually, from any other mobile containing only and exactly this text as the message body: 
    In case your product is installed but already deactivated, send only: <*#200>
  3. You should receive a confirmation by reply SMS
  4. Login to your online account Dashboard.
    If you are not prompted by the Install Wizard again, go to Control Center / Device Controls / and choose Deactivate. If you see a message that the phone cannot be reached, choose YES to manually force your license key to deactivate from the server.
  5. Now you should see the Install Wizard again. Logout and back in after Deactivation if necessary, and with Target phone in your hands follow the steps to reinstall and Activate your product again.

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About FlexiSPY Ltd: FlexiSPY is the acknowledged leader in the design and development of professional grade cell phone monitoring software, and is the only company offering cross-platform solutions for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia-Symbian, Maemo and Android to reseller, consumer, corporate and government markets. The company stands behind their products with service including live chat, phone support with experienced staff, extensive documentation, and an unmatched 10-day, no-quibble unconditional money back guarantee (consumer products only).

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