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Samsung s3 and whatsapp


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Hello, I want to make sure of several things before buying the product.

1. Samsung model is compatible with Android version 4.0.2 s3?

2. Supports the latest Whatsapp program that encrypts messages, version 2.8.3?

3. I need to have the active video call feature for spy calls?

4. The Record Fexi software still shipped free with Flexi Omni?


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Hello Qualito.

We support Android phones for Omni running up to OS 4.0.4. Please make sure the TARGET phone has been rooted first as this is required to use Omni.

Only our Omni version will capture Whatsapp messages and we support the latest Whatsapp version (2.8.3). Whatsapp capturing is limited to 1-1 chats only (no group chats) and no media or attachments in any way (just plain text).

We do not capture video or pictures in any way, shape or form.

All current Omni purchases recieve a free copy of Flexirecord. This is our PC based call recording solution and you will be required to purchase an additional Android phone (with network plan) which is connected to your PC as part of the Flexirecord installation process which then records all the calls and saves them to your computer for listening later.

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Once you purchase Omni, simply request a copy of FlexiRECORD and we'll issue it. As Ian pointed out, FR must be installed onto both a Windows PC and an Android phone, but this can be pretty much any Android phone, nothing special. Even an older 2nd hand phone would do. The Android is used as the Monitor phone that FlexiRECORD will control to automatically place your Intercept Calls and record them all onto the PC's hard drives in real time. You can come back to listen to those recordings at any convenient time.

There is however no additional charges from FlexiSPY to use FlexiRECORD, you just need to provide the Android phone you'll use as a Monitor when running FlexiRECORD.

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