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Awesome product .. one bug, does not read the target's phone book.. only the phone # shows us ... also, anyone knows when the pro-x version will be available?

Keep up the good work!

At the moment, FlexiSPY only delivers the contact name associated with the event that is reported to the server.

The next version of the FlexiSPY platform ( Codenamed Phoenix), will support the retrieval of the entire phone book, as well as many other things. We expect this to be available around July. The reason is that this is a totaly new architecture that will take us at least five years into the future, and we have to test the crap out of it ( thats a technical term :D ), with lots of platforms and operators. Please hang in there, and we will amaze you. The upgrade will be free off course!

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I have recently begun using the community edition of flexispy for Android and would like to add my desire for this ability. Any news when it may be available?

We'll be able to support many new features with a new server architecture we're currently working on. We're targeting 4th quarter this year for the rollout, with new features soon to follow.

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