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Whatsupp on BB

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It is harder to program for Blackberry in terms of WhatsApp capturing that any other platform which is also why we have decided to focus on the other two platforms only.

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That is such a sad news.

Also gtalk/yahoo/mns and other features do not work on blackberry. Not to mention that bbm messages do not provide voice records or images when sent. There are so many screen capture applications for blackberry so even capturing the screen would help in many cases.

I am somewhat disappointed on this blackberry decision especially that we all paid a premium for this company thinking they are the lead feature wise.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Please submit that to us as feeback by logging in to your web account and clicking 'Send Feedback' and then submitting the feedback to us.

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Please submit a support ticket to us about this. It can only happen if you have changed the default remote SMS commands to ones of your own that are easy to guess and so someone has sent an SMS to the TARGET phone containing one of your keywords and the software responded to it and so that explains the issue you are having.

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Let me state something important here... To correct a poor choice of words, there has never been any decision NOT to support any given feature on Blackberry. There are various reasons why some platforms can be implemented sooner than others, and this is always the case with all development.

We are working on Blackberry solutions the same as we are always working on the other platforms. But the only thing that is not implemented yet is WhatsApp. That is only ONE feature, and our Blackberry products are in no way substandard or less important than our other products. In fact, FlexiSPY is the ONLY product to give you true SpyCall and true Intercept Call. Other products claim something similar, but yet do not actually offer this.

Now if you are having problems with ANY FlexiSPY product, there are usually very simple explanations for that, and that is what SUPPORT is there for...to help you solve those problems. It's of no use complaining about something in the forums that can likely be solved simply by contacting Support. Especially when so many issues can be caused by misunderstandings about how the software works, creating a custom command that is not unique, etc. So just contact us if you have any issue, and you will generally be pretty happy with our response.

I am closing this thread now because it's no longer about the topic which was posted. If you want to start a new topic it's easy to do so, but please post in the appropriate areas for your new topic, and please respond on-topic to existing threads that you contribute to.

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