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HTC Desire HD


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I am very very confused. I am unsure if FlexiSpy Omni will work on the HTC Desire HD. When i procede through the checkout I only get the option to select Android as the phone but I do not get the option to specifically select my phone. So does that mean FlexiSpy Omni will work on ALL Android phone and on ALL versions of Android software??

Also I have tried the live support endless times but all I seem to get is a blank window appearing on myscreen but nothing else.

Many thanks

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With regards to the Livechat issue, please restart your computer or try different browsing software as it sounds like that might be the issue (also delete all cookies/web history).

Our software does not have a list of compatible models but instead has a set of requirements for each platform that the customer must make sure the TARGET phone meets before purchase to ensure compatability.

For Android our requirements are as follows:

Our Omni version for Android will run on any Android handset providing it meets the following requirements.

The TARGET phone is running OS 2.1 Update 1 upto and including 4.0, is on a GSM compatible network and has been rooted by you. Rooting is a technical procedure which you must perform on the TARGET phone before you purchase. We can try to assist you with rooting, simply come on to our Livechat service and we will try to provide a guide for how to root your particular phone.

We support both GSM and CDMA networks however if the TARGET phone network is on a CDMA network then the call intercept feature of Omni will not work however all other features will be fine.

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Thanks Ian

I have read on the FlexiSpy website that assistance would be given in regards to rooting, however, you state that you cannot assist in any way at all. Rooting seems complicated for someone not technically minded so I am surprised to hear you offer no assistance or guidance at all.

I have searched the web and have found contradictory advice, some saying the HTC Desire HD can be rooted and others saying it cannot. Surely FlexiSpy should offer some advice about rooting instead of washing their hands in regards to this topic.

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Hi Whizo,

Let me apologize for some misunderstandings. First of all I think if you can't get Live Chat to work then it must be a local browser issue, because we only use a simple web browser window that opens up for chat.

As for the current requirements, the web site does stress that we develop for OS versions, not specific models. Also, during the checkout for Android, the selection does say "Any Android Phone", so hopefully that is not confusing.

To make a correction however, both GSM and CDMA are supported. The Intercept Call feature itself will only work on GSM networks, however all other features can and do work on all networks.

Rooting is a requirement for Omni. I apologize for the confusion, because we can answer questions and help guide you in the rooting process if you're unfamiliar or need a bit of help in this area. We can and we do provide support, however you will ultimately need to root the phone yourself, and we cannot in any way be responsible for this process. If Live Chat still isn't working for you, you can always submit a ticket from our Support Center at http://support.flexispy.com, and you can also post questions and join discussions here at the Community forums, with other customers in the Peer-To-Peer Support forums after you are a customer.

It's hard to keep up with every model and every rooting utility, but we do have a page with some examples of rooting tools used with various Android phones. At present it needs to be updated a little, but you can see that at http://support.flexi...d-downloads.htm

Regarding your HTC Desire HD specifically, I know the original HTC Desire could not be fully rooted for some reason, but I haven't heard this about the newer Desire HD model. You can find a lot of information by simply searching Google. Looking around a little bit for you, I found this tutorial on rooting the Desire HD that may help you: http://androidadvice...80%93-tutorial/

And remember that if for some reason you cannot root your phone, you can always choose the LITE version of the software, which does not require rooting.

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