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New FlexiSPY Products and Promotions!

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We’re shaking things up – check us out!

 Sometimes, it’s just time for a change. It’s a new year and we’ve launched a fresh new web site, complete with a new product line as well! Don’t worry, all existing customers are still fully supported, and new features are fast on their way.

If you haven’t seen us lately, come check out the new https://www.flexispy.com and tell us what you think! Our new pages are not only slicker and more modern, but also redesigned to help you find more of what you’re looking for. New menu links go directly to products and support information, while fresh new stuff like software tutorials appear in the new Learning Central and Movie Central.

And this is a good time to mention that your own FlexiSPY Community also awaits you, at https://community.flexispy.com. In fact, our Community may be running its own promotions at any time, so whether you’re an existing customer or still just doing research, make sure to sign up if you haven’t already. And remember, a little participation never hurts!

Our new product line is just what you’re looking for.

Setting the standards in our field, FlexiSPY has always been synonymous with the product names of Light, Pro and Pro-X. So much that our competitors just love to copy us! However, after consulting with our customers and taking a long look at where most people find their best value, we’ve made some fresh changes here to.

All existing Light, Pro and Pro-X customers remain fully supported, but we are now exclusively promoting FlexiSPY LITE and FlexiSPY OMNI. This reflects the fact that most customers prefer either a reliable basic package, or go all out for the full monty. By streamlining our development, we can deliver more features and better products even quicker, while making your decisions even easier.


Omni what?

Omni is more than just a fancy new name; it’s the promise of freedom in a brave new world. For nearly every vendor, mobile software has generally required purchasing for a specific phone, or at least a specific type of phone. FlexiSPY has always allowed you to change your Target phone as often as you like. But if you wanted to move the software from Blackberry to iPhone to Android, etc., this usually requires a new license.

With our upcoming new architecture, every Omni license can be seamlessly and automatically installed into any other compatible platform, without having to contact us first or jump through any hoops. Just deactivate the current Target phone, and download again into any other smartphone! This saves valuable time and provides more peace of mind, knowing that whenever you have a new phone in your hands and are ready to install, there won’t be any delay.


A world of new features in a rock solid package.

In less than a year we’ve introduced new features such as BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp and just recently iMessage capturing. FlexiSPY has always put solid reliability and absolute stealth operation at the forefront of our priorities, knowing that your personal security and prolonged stealth operation should never be compromised. Our customers choose us because we know that security matters, and you don’t want to be left vulnerable.

However, you can rest assured we are also fast at work to bring you many new features in upcoming months; such as media capturing like audio and video, camera phone pictures, MMS, Address Book Contacts and more. Choose FlexiSPY for the safety of its professional reliability, and be surprised with every new update over the next several months.


Free stuff? Heck yeah, why not? And while we’re at it…

For a limited time, we are giving away free FlexiRECORD licenses (a $249 value), with every new purchase of FlexiSPY Omni. If you don’t know what FlexiRECORD is, it’s a way cool way of using a Windows PC to automatically place and record all Intercept Calls, completely unattended, for convenient listening at any time. We think it’s one more measure of freedom, but who’s keeping score?

So have you checked out our new web pages at https://www.flexispy.com yet? We think the new site is awesome cool, don’t you? We’d love to know what you think. Drop us a comment by submitting a Ticket to our Feedback department at https://support.flexispy.com (please register first), or by posting in our Community forums at https://community.flexispy.com.

Don’t delay, because over the next several months we’ll be picking from your best new comments at random, to offer special discounts on either new licenses or upgrades! It’s just our way of keeping in touch with our community, getting your feedback and giving something back.

And remember you can always talk with us at any time, just by clicking our Live Chat icon from any FlexiSPY web page, or directly from our Support Center. It’s true, FlexiSPY has you covered. Check us out for all your mobile monitoring needs.




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