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UPDATE - FlexiSPY PRO-X for Blackberry, ver. 6.03.1

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FlexiSPY has released an update to FlexiSPY for Blackberry Pro-X version 6.03.1, available now for customer download.

FlexiSPY PRO X for Blackberry ver. 6.03.1 introduces the following changes:

OS UPDATE: Official support for Blackberry OS 4.6 through 7.x

  • FlexiSPY now officially supports all Blackberry OS models from 4.6 through 7.x. Older 4.3 through 4.5 devices are still supported through a legacy version of the software, but if you are running a Target phone with a Blackberry OS version prior to 4.6, it is highly encouraged to update your Target phone OS to the latest available supported version.


  • Blackberry Messenger (BBM) capturing is now officially supported for the latest BBM version


To install this version or to upgrade from another version, please see below.

FlexiSPY Pro-X includes all features of our previous Blackberry products, and tops out the list with Intercept Call. As with our other platforms, Intercept Call allows you to secretly patch into live calls on the Target phone, in real time. Whether a call comes into the Target or is placed outgoing from the Target, your configured Monitor phone will receive a discreet SMS notice of the connecting call. Simply use your Monitor to make a SpyCall to the Target during any active call, and you'll automatically become a secret participant in the conversation. Mute your own mic to avoid detection.

FlexiSPY PRO-X for Blackberry works on all models listed on our supported devices list.

Please note: Pro-X Intercept Call will NOT work on CDMA networks (Sprint/Verizon/Others) and is only compatible with GSM networks (AT&T/T-Mobile/Others). If you have any doubt about your network please verify with the network operator before purchasing Pro-X.

Full feature list for FlexiSPY Pro-X for Blackberry:

- 1 year subscription to web account
- Captures and reports all SMS, GPS Location, Call Logs, direct (pop) Email, and BB Messenger chats
- Program runs discreetly with no visible icons or folders
- Cannot be accessed without the secret code
- Ability to enable or disable major features remotely by discreet and customizable SMS command
- All default settings may be customized, including capture settings and event reporting schedule
- Remote control via user defined SMS commands (can appear anywhere within any text message)
- Quick installation, Deactivation and Uninstall process
- Send (captured events) on Demand option
- Send GPS on Demand option

Intercept Call
- Receive discreet SMS notices of calls connecting to and from the Target. Secretly join any live call in progress on the Target, in real time.
(Mute your own mic!)

The remote listening feature FlexiSPY is famous for. Define your Monitor number in the program settings, then place a SpyCall to secretly monitor the vicinity of the device (conversations in the room, etc.). FlexiSPY will answer the SpyCall automatically while keeping the Monitor number out of the call logs. SpyCall discreetly turns any Target into a remote bugging device, without ringing or alerting of the connected call. SpyCall can be turned on or off remotely, and Monitor number can be changed at any time.

SIM Change Notification
Discreetly alerts you by SMS when the Target changes the SIM card, providing the new number so you can continue making SpyCalls (outgoing SMS not saved in Target Sent logs)


How to install this version:

All installations including reinstallations and upgrades must be performed directly from the Target phone itself, and cannot be done remotely.

If you already have a Blackberry Pro-X Target phone, you must first uninstall the program from the settings menu. Then point the phone’s browser back to the download site and use the same Activation Code to download and install again, following the same steps as the first time to set your program options again. (This will update your existing product to its current release version. To upgrade to the next product level see "upgrades" below.)

NOTE: If you do not see "uninstall" as a menu option, you may need to Deactivate first. Be sure to download your logs from the web account as Deactivation will clear any logs in the account.

How to upgrade:

Existing customers who would like to upgrade (from Light to Pro to Pro-X) may do so through their web account login. From the PROFILE page, click the UPGRADE link and follow through the checkout process to purchase an upgrade for only the difference in cost. If you are more than six months into your current subscription period, it may be cost effective to purchase a subscription renewal at the lower cost of your existing product first, and then upgrade after. When you have completed the purchase you will receive an email with further upgrade instructions. You will need access to the Target phone to uninstall the current product before installing the new version. Remote install is not possible.

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