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Hello - I am interested in purchasing Pro X for iPhone 4S. I understand the 4S cannot be jail broken yet but my question for regular iPhone as well is 5.0 can iMessage be logged as well or just SMS Texting?

Thank you

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At this time our software cannot capture iMessage in any way and only our Light version will work on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 only running OS 5.0.1. There is currently no release date confirmed for Pro and Pro-X being OS 5 compatible but we are working very hard on this and any updates can be found here - http://support.flexispy.com/index.php?/News/List

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Omni now works fine with OS 5.1.1 providing the TARGET phone has been jailbroken. Unfortuantely the call intercept feature of Omni will not work with CDMA networks such as Verizon however all other features, including spycall, should work fine.

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