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Null Emails

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I wanted to know if a report shows under email as "Null" no info on who or what but only the byte size, is there any recommendations on being able to see those emails that are listed as "Null". It may potentially be heavy graphic related spam ads but its very hard to tell as everything is blank other than the target has received or sent an email that may possibly be too large? I was wondering if any Iphone users have found similar experiences and any work arounds. I know the team at Flex is working on it and will resolve those issues in future updates. Just thought I'd ask the community. Thanks!

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Hi Anotherworkaholic,

Currently there is no way to see this information, as "null" usually indicates that nothing was captured. There could be a few different reasons for this to happen. Generally it will happen if the email content was already captured initially, and is now forwarded. In that case it would be a duplicate, and for some reason the system only records "null". Another reason could be html graphics, as the system doesn't currently capture this type of email. This is why with "null" it is usually the case that the email in questions was some form of advertisement or spam, or possibly a subscribed newsletter of sorts.

If you have any further questions about this issue, you are welcomed to register with our Support Center at http://support.flexispy.com, then sign in and choose "Submit A Ticket". One of our technicians would review the issue and get back to you.

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