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Whats In A Name?


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Ones reputation is key to being able gain respect, or to be taken seriously in any endeavor that involves others. A company is no different. Businesses with integrity do everything that they can to ensure that their reputation or brand is something that is built and earned the hard way. Great products, great support, and a lot of time is required to imbue product names with instant positive recognition.

Therefore it is irritating and sad when another company deliberately copies something that you have taken years to develop. We have had our logos ripped off, and now, most recently, a Pakistani spy phone company has decided to take the names of our spy phone model ranges. I guess it’s easier to be a thief than to be an innovator, and its practices like this that propagate the stereotype of Asian companies that have no respect for the IP of others, and no self respect for themselves. Customers don’t like to be deceived and its counter-productive in the end.

As a customer, how would you feel about being mislead like this?

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