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Whatsapp IM's STILL not working properly after 6 months

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Whatsapp IM's not working properly Android 12, Samsung Galaxy S10+

Version of Flexispy 4.19.5

Unrooted Version

I posted this problem last year and its still not fixed.

When I used to have a rooted version of your software, it seemed to work ok, but the unrooted, still shows the messages, but in the wrong order... The date sorting doesnt seem to be working, is it maybe not using the local time formet to sort the dates?


Also, Whatsapp Groups do not show up for days, and then all of sudden lots of messages will show, but not the latest few days.... So the messages are always taking about 7 days or so to show up.

I now have the latest version of flexispy and I thought by now this would be fixed.  Can you please ask the developers to look at this for the next release?

It would be apprecaited.




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