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Few queries before buying your app

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I am  father of a 16-year old kid and have used two different spy apps in the past four months to monitor her activity but without much satisfaction. Although expensive than most spy applications out there, I find your features promising. However I have a few queries that I'd like to have answered before I make a purchase-

1. Can I be able to read Facebook messages, both incoming and outgoing, WITHOUT ROOTING? One of the reasons I was dissatisfied with the previous apps was that the messages on the Messenger app weren't logged properly and in one of the apps only outgoing messages that popped on the screen were recorded. To reiterate, I'd like to ensure that all FB messages, incoming as well as outgoing, are recorded without rooting the phone (Her phone is Samsung Galaxy A9 pro)

2. Are all keystrokes logged, including passwords and the ephemeral texts that are deleted within minutes? 

3. I've read that Flexispy is difficult to install on the target phone and you need to "purchase installation service". Having installed similar apps before within 10-15 minutes on the target phone by enabling and disabling certain features I have now become quite familiar with the installation; I'd like to ask therefore if Flexispy can be installed in similar way by someone who is not a tech savvy and without booking any special remote installation service? 

4. One of the apps had a special feature whereby automatic screenshots of conversations were captured. However, a small icon would pop up on the right corner of the phone making my daughter suspicious, which was the reason why I cancelled their subscription. Does Flexispy have similar glitch rendering it detectable/suspicious? 

I shall make the purchase immediately if I get satisfactory replies to the queries.


Thank you


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Hi Perede,

Thank you for your questions.

  1. We capture both sides of the Facebook conversation on non-rooted Android devices. This includes searchable text, and emojis. These captured messages are displayed sequentially most of the time
  2. All keystrokes are logged except for passcodes
  3. Installing FlexiSPY is not difficult but the amount of time it takes varies depending on your familiarity with the device. The installation service is required if the phone is on Android 10-11 and you wish for the icon to be completely hidden
  4. App Screenshot for non root is not supported at this time
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