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Can you please tell me which phone I have to buy to have all or the most options? (call recording, whatsapp, SMS, web activity) nonrooting 

Which one do you have? 

Thank you 🙂

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Just keep in mind any dual sim card phone will only record target phone side of conversation. My s9 is fully rooted and still won't record both sides of the conversation. I looked into the s10 but at that time it had a lot of limitations because of phone security but that may have been fixed by now. 

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Hi Ballso,

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy M51.  So far most of all the common features of Flexispy Extreme work on it (Call Recording, SMS, MMS, Ambient Recording, Location, etc).   It is an Android 10 and it is NOT rooted.  I installed the software myself following the portal directions "How To Install" without any problems.  The phone is dual sim card capable, however, I only have one sim card installed.  I believe if you have two sim cards installed on the phone, the Call Recording won't work or will record only one side of a conversation.  I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to answer.

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Oh thank you!! 

So samsung 9 is better than samsung 10 because of the security things and better safety? 

And non rooted is okay? Perfect 🙂

M51 without limitation


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1 hour ago, ballso said:

Can anyone from flexyspy support can have a look here? Have it been fixed yet? (problems with s10 and security?) 

Which problem with security on Samsung S10 series are you referring to? 

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Initially when I was researching what phone to purchase for my daughter to replace her s6 I was told by flexispy sales that the s10 couldn't run all features due to increased security as it was just on the market at that time. So I went with the s9 instead. By now the support team may have resolved the issue but at that time I wasn't willing to spend the money on the s10 and not be able to use all functions of the extreme package I currently have. 

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I have had good results with my s9 but it's fully rooted. I can't speak for the s10 but it might be worth looking into. Whatever you get I would make sure it had a exynos processor just in case you decided to root it later. 

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