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Call recorder isn't  working

 Xiaomi mi A3, wich audio source is forking for you? 

WHT is  it needed the commando "get last program settings" it doesn't d change. 


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Yes is dual sim, xiaomi mi a3. Is not problem even the one side but I am not making it t work. 

I don't know, I have call recorder and voip recorder not working (the history is working and the user is getting calls) as screenshots not working, fb messenger too not getting updates, whsatp chat is working fine) all the options are enabled :( wired. 


Maybe I need to change the call recorder source and reboot phone after each change. Cos it's very strange that no source is recording. 

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Also may want to open screenshots and make sure the ones you are monitoring are enabled. Sometimes if mine stop I reset them to regain functions. Might be worth a try. 

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I'm new to this. And still can't get any recordings. Some help me. I don't have target phone but it is installed. I pretty sure it was not rooted because the instructions for rooted could not find what it was asking for.

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I had to try each one until I got one to work. It's going to be a little harder not having the phone to make calls to it to experiment with the settings. Maybe Dakota can reccomend one for you to try. Good luck 

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