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Anyone else having keylogger issue?

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Everything was working pretty well until 2 days ago now I'm getting no Keylogger reports and can't use RemCam. I can use RemVid though. I still get SMS, MMS and most of the other reports that I want. Phone is syncing and I restarted it. I bought the phone, a Galaxy S9+, preinstalled with the Extreme version. I have a support ticket and am working with support but they have not been very helpful so far. The kicker...my renewal is coming up in 3 days! lol

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I have a s9 and I have never had remcam operating. Remvid will which makes no sense but not sure the reason. Get a ticket number from support and see if Dakota can help you. This has happened to me several times in the past and he reset something on their end and everything worked fine after that. Good luck 

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Thank you for the info. I did finally get help from support but I had to access the target phone to fix it. Anti virus may have caused the issue. I had to go to Settings>Accessibility>Installment Services and turn Installment Services on. 

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I am having the issue that most of my keylogs get recorded. Some slip through the cracks but I will see the sent text in sms. It is not a big deal but interesting to note if there needs to be a fix in the next update. No settings issues here, since none have been adjusted (which I did double check).

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Key logger has stopped  working for Google searches. The Target phone user has a widget for the Google search on the Home Screen and uses a microphone to enter search term. Searches were captured for a couple of hours then nothing since yesterday morning. It’s an Android that is not rooted. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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