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Commands not executed, data not uploaded

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ticket 101617 - 101783
So i gave the phone to the user, and at the bigining i started receiving some instagram and keyloggs and calls registry...and gps.

The next day i did not received some updates. like the chats where not updated at all (whstap fb etc) rem cam not updating, voip record, installed apps(where not updated with the new apps) emails etc...
The things i got updates where the sms and the calls and voip call list. 

I thought the app could not updload, so i executed some times the ''get the data immidiatelly'' - comand executed - but no data received. 
i wanted to change the application settings and turn off some data i dont want, like : ''line, hangout, videofile, etc'' - comand executed - the settings on the portal remain the same after saying ''it might take up to 1 hour to update'' no mater how many times i send the comand it never change or update. 

same for the gps, it does not change the settings, even if the command executes.

the app on the phone is working fine, everything on the phone is working fine (except some isues with the chatting apps that maybe the programm interfeers and close them immidiatelly)
I am properly connected to the device.

What might be the issue? The app datas being in queue or the app server ?
thank you 

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