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Spycall issues

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Hi, so I don't see any reason why you would not approve this post as its a true experience while using your software. So I bought the extreme package firstly had a lot of trouble trying to root the phone which is one of the softwares requirements. So installed it to device it was working wonders for the first five months, and it was brilliant every all can be heard, I mean every call which is made from the device! So after this time firstly a pop up started to show on the target device blaitenly telling the user " the android was being used by another android" this was during I made the spycall, when I reported I was told to take a picture of this but I was unable to do this, but believe me there was a warning message.

So after this the device started making noises every time I made a spycall, so this was really obvious, it made a buzzing sound, every time I called to listen, now this made the user suspicious and the software was wiped from the phone with a factory reset.

So all I get is excuses or no replies when I have reported this, I am not to sure if it's a fault with the software or excessive usage of spycall which caused the speaker to corrupt or something I have no idea. But I am sure all these features where and are tested so they perform well for your customers. I would like to hear this if someone has been using the software for more than five six months without any problem.

Othere than this huge issue, it worked like very very well, better than any other software, but then it let me down.

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We have never heard of such a message appearing before so it would have been really nice to see a picture of it otherwise we do not know what we are dealing with really.  We have also not heard of buzzing happening with spycall and it sounds like it could be a speaker issue, were normal calls with the device fine? 

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