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key exchange error (-350)

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So I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right spot or not, but I just recently purchased flexispy got everything set up and was working fine for about 4 hours. Then it stopped sending updates or anything at all. I contacted support through email about 3-4 times no response, was able to get ahold of the live chat once but they were not able to help. So my hopes in posting here is that either someone with the problem before found a way to fix it or maybe the support on the forums are better at getting around to things. I ran a forced SMS or (send immediate) command through text and got this after several minutes;

key exchange error (-350), java.lang.Exception: KeyExchange Error: null

If anyone could help that would be great. Like i said was working fine for a few hours then just stopped now this is 4 days later.

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Guest Nathan

Thank you for your message Infinity. In order to provide you the best possible customer service, please submit a support ticket at support.flexispy.com with the details of your query. One of our techincal specialists will be able to assist you via that channel as we are unable to provide full technical support here.

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