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Feature request for portal - Search to find a certain Number in contacts


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I would like to suggest a feature.


There is no 'Search function' to find a particular number in the contacts section (Phone Book). Right now you can only search a number in the record type Phone Calls, SMS, MMS, Website visited, Instant Messages.....


There are hundreds of Numbers in the phone book. It is almost impossible to find a particular number by navigating page by page to find a number. Hence there should be a facility to Search by Number in the 'Contact (Phone Book)' section.


I think this feature should be included on the portal.



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Hey Ian,


Whatever happened to my request for the feature regarding the search to find a particular number in the contacts??

You had assured me that it may be included in the future but it doesnt seem to be!

Its so simple to integrate on the portal.... Request you to consider it asap. It will be very handy & useful tool for all.

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Unfortunately changes take time to be reviewed and implemented if successful and sometimes they may be rejected, sadly.  It was raised to our product development team as you requested but I cannot give a timeframe of if/when the suggestion will be implemented.

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