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Problem, Target not connected


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hi, the target phone hasn't connected for 3 hours. the internet connection is good and I also tried wifi. flexispy is still installed, the icon is visible and it says the product is activated. I also tried restarting the phone but it won't connect. Has anyone had the same problem? Thank you

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29 minutes ago, yelazu said:

yes here is it the same since 3 hours the icon is green but not connected and no updates

Hi, I see that at least it's not just my problem. It seems like you and I yelazu have the same problems lately. May I know what your target phone is? mine is a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus

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1 minute ago, yelazu said:

no it seems like a server problem I could login to the dashboard for a second and saw the datas are upload but now the Website with login is not avaible

even to myself the same thing. let's wait for them to solve it

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6 hours ago, yelazu said:

spero che lo risolvano presto

hi yelazu. I wanted to ask you if the keylogger works for you. It hasn't worked for me since this morning. Now some data is arriving but it's from a few hours ago

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normal calls or voip? at the beginning al was working fine but I find out when you often install new apps or apps make updates then here the problems beguns only help is often restart the device 

I tryed other software but flexyspy is the only one which is 90% safety for virusscanners

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4 hours ago, yelazu said:

sì, qui funziona e i dati vengono caricati in tempo 


2 hours ago, yelazu said:

chiamate normali o voip? all'inizio tutto funzionava bene, ma scopro che quando installi spesso nuove app o app effettui aggiornamenti, qui iniziano i problemi, l'unico aiuto è spesso riavviare il dispositivo 

Ho provato altri software ma flexyspy è l'unico che garantisce una sicurezza del 90% per i virusscanner

they were normal calls. however the data arrives with a delay and the keylog still doesn't work. I restarted the target phone twice but nothing changed. I will definitely try some other software in the near future

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15 minutes ago, yelazu said:

puoi provare nelle impostazioni a disabilitare il keylogger e dopo aver impostato questo comando abilitarlo di nuovo per me funzionava una volta quando il riavvio non era riuscito

I'll try to do it like this. Thank you

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