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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've recently discovered that verison 5.3.1 is not installing on my phone. It get stuck at 90% then just displays an error message, exaclty as https://community.flexispy.com/index.php?/topic/2740-android-os-11-update-killed-flexispy/ issue. After configuring it shows "Setup failed! Something went wrong. Please try to set up again." I also sent a ticket (ID 92477) but I already forgot my email password so yeah... Non-root version is working just fine but I don't want to miss features of advanced Flexispy on my phone. Android version is 10, phone is a redmi note 9 pro, root was done using magisk with no issues.
  2. Please consider also a new policy for renewals. If I bought a license for three months I can't upgrade to a yearly license or to do a downgrade to a monthly licence, why? This doesn't happen with other spy softwares. I can choose to renewal for one, three, or twelve months, each plan with differents and convenient prices. Another bug to solve. If you install flexispy on a rooted phone and don't insert the sim inside but use the phone only in wifi mode, FS drains battery very fast...I could say a couple of hours. With the sim inserted in the phone, no problem. If you use the phone to make a a present to someone, he/she could believe to a phone malfunctioning because normally there's always a short period to make a switch between the old and the new phone.
  3. How are you able to root without the device? I am Leary of rooting the device and would like to have Flexispy do it but I don't understand how that is possible?
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