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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Whatsapp is supported, however its sister app Whatsapp Business which is essentially the same application with just a few more functions isnt supported. Target can switch from whatsapp to whatsapp business and all of a sudden you dont get VOIP call recordings anymore and you dont get IMS anymore. In this day and age in 2024 almost everyone starts a small company on the side to make some extra money so alot of people are switching to whatsapp business. Since its essentially the same application as whatsapp it shoulnt be too difficult to code in the feature to support whatsap business aswell. please start supporting whatsapp business aswell. kind regards, G
  2. I've just activated FlexiSpy on the traget phone. However, I cannot get an access to emails and IMs. My accessibility setting on target phone is ON. Can someone help me asap please? When i looked in the phone settings in the portal it shows green asterix over email and IM option saying it might not work in the current mode. What does it even mean?
  3. Hi there, I'm observing since 21 of this month that FS can't intercept and consequently upload the user typing. What I can see in the Whatsapp chats (don't know about other IMs) is text received by the user. I guess is related with last update of WAPP. Any other visitor of this forum has experienced the same issue? Samsung S8 Android Pie 9 Rooted
  4. Using Flexispy 4.8.1 version. Whatsapp on non-rooted android really sucks!! It shows only 15 rows of messages, even if they are unread messages!! How useless this is!!! After sometime, it starts updating chat with repeatative messages with recent date and time. How misleading! Seriously, Flexispy should not advertise as they support Whatsapp IMs for non-rooted android.. Alongwith this, many other problems are there, and all these issues are repeatedly reported through ticket, but still no improvement!!
  5. Just to say that Flexispy full support TELEGRAM 4.1.1 They advertised othervise, saying only TELEGRAM 3.17.1 is supported. The target phone currently upload all the TELEGRAM chats without any problems: Thanks again and hope you will work hard to mantain this software always update and add more powerfull features in the future.
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