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Found 3 results

  1. I have Flexispy installed on samsung galaxy M31 (unrooted) android pie 10 version. I have enabled call recording option and I am receiving recorded files on dashboard but problem is these files (.AMR extension) does not have any sound in it. It plays for whatever call duration but no voice from both the sides. I checked all the audio recording source options one by one and tried call recording by calling on target phone but it did not worked on any source. I played all these downloaded files on different different media players including vlc player but still I could not hear anything. Can someone please let me know how I can resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Community, I purchased a pre-installed Flexispy phone from the Flexi store. It is been a week since I bought. The phone is on and connected to the internet but no matter what I try, I have not been able to synchronize flexispy. It has been a disaster since I purchased the phone. I am sorry but flexispy support is one of the worst supports I have experienced. The support team closed tickets without even proper resolution. It is like the support team wants to close as many tickets as possible in a short time without giving a single fuck about customer satisfaction. The support team didn't even ask if the resolution provided by them is satisfactory or not before closing the ticket. I had to create another ticket for the same issue since support team closed previous one. Please change support system to allow dialogue between client and support team. Since it is a preinstalled phone from Flexispy I assumed it is a rooted phone. My phone status shows non rooted. I created a ticket asking for support. The support team closed ticket after ticket without even responding about why phone status shows non rooted. Support team was completely useless in my expereince. I received great support from pre sales team which convinced me to buy Flexispy's preinstalled phone but it has been pathetic expereince so far. It felt like Flexispy doesn't care about their customers once they have bought the flexispy services. I can't even contact anyone else other than non-comptent support team. I am tired and frustrated with this whole expereince. Please help me if you have experienced similar issues. If not, please let me know how can I request for refund. Thank you.
  3. HI I have got the lot of problemsmany times in the last month since the issue problem with the server. I have open many tickets and every time getting answers which didn't help. Problems are suddenly solved and few hours later other problems started. Until now the application doesn't work properly or at all. Losing and missing many logs specially locations and record calls/voip. Passwords/Passcode was never working by me , respond from support is that it's not supported on android 4 and up ( already 2.5 years) I Will be interested to know if someone have got the same problems. And I hope that with our comments we can help flexispy to solve and update features.
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