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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I have some problems for some time now. Ambient listening worked fine before root. Now that its rooted its doesn't work anymore. It records but i have ni sound. Also with phone calls i can hear this side but not the other side. I switch the source in settings but it will not work. Everything should work with a rooted phone but the thing that matters to me worked before root and now not. I do can see all text message now, before root sometimes is cat things but not everything. PLEASE HELP ME WITH AMBIENT RECORDING. PHONE IS ANDROID 9 SAMSUNG S8
  2. When the audio of a call or the surrounding is recorded on a target device, it seems that it is sent automatically and directly to my account on your server. You say that this function is completely undetected for the user of the target device but if the upload of lets say one hour recording is done on his data-bundle, he will notice for sure a decrease of his data limit. I use another app at this moment and there I have the option to upload data from the target device only when a wifi connection is detected. How is that with your app, the same? I tried to get this question answered by you live-chat but was kicked before I got an answer.
  3. Since sometime December 8th, 2016, I have been unable to capture any more than about 10 minutes of Ambient Recording from the target device (a rooted Samsung Galaxy S5) no matter what I try. For the 4-5 weeks prior to that date that I have had this Extreme subscription, I have had no problem capturing up to about an hour of Ambient Recording. My correspondence with Flexispy's help tickets has repeatedly told me that any interruption by the user of the target device will stop a recording in progress, or cause it to miss entirely, and I understand that (I've received shortened Ambient Recordings that were obviously cut short due to a phone call, or for other reasons). I'm told that the target device must be in complete idle mode, that even a single tap on the screen could shorten the file duration. In the past, I had no problems 'stacking' commands for Ambient Recordings, and they seemed to oftentimes hold their place, executing either after interruptions, or shortly after one had completed approximately 59 minutes worth of recording. I have recordings where the target device was even sending/receiving SMS messages, or looking through settings without interrupting the Ambient Recording. It was great! Now, however, something that changed is causing me to no longer be able to experience the same great service. I have experimented with Ambient Recording at night when I can physically see that the target device is idle. Even then, I am unable to capture more than about 10 minutes. I have manually restarted the target device multiple times. I have limited all app permissions on the target device that I thought might be unnecessary, or possibly be a contributor to the problem. I have gone through the target device settings looking for anything that might cause processes to sleep after about 10 minutes, and have not found anything in this regard (Power Saving options are turned off). Has anyone experienced a similar situation, resolved a similar situation, or have suggestions that might help resolve? Perhaps I am just having trouble finding the culprit of my new found problem within the target device. I would love to be able to regain the level of service I once had with the Ambient Recording feature, and would be extremely grateful for a resolution.
  4. When I try to enter my login details the site says it doesn't work, even though it is correct. The one time where I finally was able to sign in, I was unable to get any new data. The location feature says it cannot do anything because the server is down. The same goes for the ambient feature. When will this be fixed? There have been issues since yesterday.
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