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  1. I have recently purchased extreme plan with installation service. Before purchasing the product, i was told that mytarget device Samsung galaxy 31s andoid version green indicator can be removed only availing installation service. Hence, i avail installatio. service. further, during installation service, i specially asked from installation technocal person if the green indicator will not reflect now and he affirm the same. But, after logging in and testing the same, it is found that green indicator reflected when microphome or camera is used. I have raised several ticket. but of no use. Please help me. because i purchase the product mainly to use ambient, remcam and ramvideo feqture. But all features are of no use if green indicator reflect every time. becuase the target mobile user has started to doubt about his phone already and very soon he will get to k ow all about it. I purchase the product only after being assured that green indicator will not reflect adter availing installation service. But even after purchasing installation service, green indicator reflect conspicuously and not customer support . please help.
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