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  1. I paid to have Flexispy installed on my phone too and to have it rooted. Its important to know, before you book this, it is not done by Flexispy, just some third party company and they just dont really care, they want to put it on your phone as fast as possible and dont care after that. In the end I fixed all their mistakes myself (luckily I have done this before) - Putting Flexispy (or any other tracking program) onto a phone is not for the faint hearted. Don't expect it to work first time, you need to spend a couple of weeks tweaking things before it works, its a steep learning curve, theres lots to learn and ready about, finding it is the problem!! I am having the same problem with photos and whatsapp messages out of order - (Not ordered by date) - not sure why, it always worked before on the previous phone... I guess its something support have to fix. Unfortunately the developers spend a bit too much time adding new features (most of which are useless) and not enough time fixing those that are already there. Its also virtually impossible to get past the support guys and get a message to the deveopers. I gave up after 12 months of trying. Flexispy is definitely one of the best out there, but you have to be patient.... they will resolve everything in the end.
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