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Well, something strange is certainly happening for me too, baktus22; I am unsure if it means the push server is down but it is possible. I joined this forum because I also need to post a query albeit mine seems slightly strange in that 2 days ago, I was getting screenshots etc pushed through if logged onto the target device (which I own) myself, under my own Windows user account login, but when the target was logged in and active all day yesterday, not a thing was generated! He logs in under his own Windows user account, so the one target device has the two Microsoft User Accounts.

So, the last item I reeived was also Tuesday morning and it simply showed the user (employee) accessed the network, but no logs came, no screenshots etc.

Why I am answering at length is not because I want feedback on this here in this thread--as it's your thread, baktus22!--but just to say I also haven't had a peep since Tuesday morning despite obvious activity I see with my own eyes, and therefore this could mean you're right and the push server is down or that the software just won't deliver the activity from a separate windows user account! It's newly installed so, as yet, I have no evidence that the software works in terms of passing me the employee data from that separate Win User Account.


I will be posting this issue as a query in my own new thread but I wanted to say you could be right, baktus22. The plan today is for me to take back my machine and see if the activity begins coming through again after I use it myself. I will let you know what happens and update this thread to say whether the push side of things seems to work.

All very odd.

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