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Stoped working???

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Hi guys


I have the extreme version for 3 months. I rooted and installed it on targetsphone. It work for 5 days(every feature) and since yesterday it stopped working. Only emailfunktion and remcam are working.

I contacted support and they told me to reboot the device and using the command: send immediate. It still not working...

anyone same Problem and maybe a solution?


best regards


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very similar issues here and the support is really a catastrophe... they answer only after ages and then they tell you thinks you know already as if you were a baby.... really disapointing!

I suppose they're having issues with theirs server again. In my oppinion it's not the target phones havin issues but the servers on the portals. But since nobody ever tells you whats going on, we'll never know...

I'd be happy if at least somebody would say, when its going to be resolved...

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